Domestic Arrangements

the basic stages

the stars below

...a history of light

xerox astronomy


having in vain tried words, resorted to deeds

one ship encounters a series of notable exceptions

fantasie no. 1 for mobile pianos


sound performances

Having in vain tried words, resorted to deeds.

2009. limited edition artist book, made in collaboration with Zerek Kempf. Onestar Press.

Book synopsis:

Coal and Star: our super condensed objects. They differentiate through magnitudes of scale and distance, by the logistics of the vocations they produce. The space of the Miner is understood with hands, sweat, by the bodily threat of collapse. The Astronomer’s universe unfolds through abstract mathematical models, observation and analysis from a distance. Miner and Astronomer meet here, in The Field, on the page, the planar division between above and below. They compare notes, weigh material against model, hand against eye, word against deed.

selected image excerpts:

available for purchase in the US through Printed Matter, Inc.

download a PDF of the entire book here.