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the basic stages

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having in vain tried words, resorted to deeds

one ship encounters a series of notable exceptions

fantasie no. 1 for mobile pianos


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The Basic Stages

2014. Mixed media installation with 3D model, plywood, sand, fragments of obsidian and stone tools. overall dimensions: 4' x 10' x 8.'

The stone tool and the digital 3D model: The Basic Stages departs from these two technological artifacts. The stone tool affords a view to the past, a material process honed in humanity's infancy. The 3D model looks toward the future, an immaterial imagining of the not-yet made, the "coming soon." This installation alludes to both a site of construction and excavation, juxtaposing an image of a future structure with the remnants the process of stone tool making.

Originally exhibited at Helper Projects, Brooklyn, NY.